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FOX News
May 30, 2012 12:00pm PDT
. described as a white male. 30 to 40. 6' 1", very thin, brown hair. and there is a report of another shooting which appears to be a carjacking and police are trying to figure out if these two shootings are in such way connected. and now live to dan springer in the seattle newsroom. dan, what else do we know? >>reporter: chaos out there with to different shooting in the same area. and the cops are trying to determine if they are related. as you mention there were five people shot at the cafe and down the block another shooting. and we can tell you that the area is in lockdown. you have two high schools, high school roosevelt, is if lockdown and two other schools, a middle school and an elementary school, that are also shelter-in-place right now. and you mention two deceased victims they are men. we know there is a woman who was shot, as well. and she has life-threatening injuries but right now we do not know much more of the shooter other than described as 35, thin, and seen running away north from the scene so, the area around it is in lockdown and police are looking for this guy right now. >
FOX News
May 21, 2012 12:00pm PDT
. that is weird. weird. today, president obama chicago campaign headquarters is there. and steve brown is following this streaming like in chicago. maybe the video did not have sound because it sounded quiet as a church mouse. what is up, steve? >>guest: well, they have been raucous, a smaller group than yesterday, winding down state and madison toward the nato meetings. and, now, the two white chicago police trucks over there, that is essentially where a group of something between 200 and 300 folks have walked through the streets today making their votes heard and they made multiple stops and this is the latest, the brew -- this building, upstairs is the obama election campaign. they want to bring a message of nato military spending and whether or not united states should be involved in various military campaigns. they think it is inappropriate to do so and they are making their voices heard. now, the announced target was the boeing headquarters which is about 12 blocks west of where we are standing right new. they did stop there after starting the march on the west side union park an
FOX News
May 17, 2012 12:00pm PDT
," released this video and this is a scientist behind the project, dr. lee, an engineering professor at brown university and a critical care neurologist. how in the world did you get this done, doctor, congratulations? >>guest: thank you very much. just as you described, there were two participants that we are reporting both have, are unable to move their hands and no functional use of their armors legs and they both are unable to speak. they both enrolled in our pilot trial and had a small chip placed right in the top of the brain, part of the brain called the motor cortex important for control of arm and hand. and the electrodes record the brain activity from that area of the brain, and send it down through wires to a little plug that protrudes above the skull and that goes to computers and the job of the computers is to decode the activity and turn the thoughts or intended movement of that participant into movement, in this case of a robot arm. >>shepard: your brain could translate to a computer, and how long does that process take? >>guest: for to work it has to happen nearly instantly in
FOX News
May 9, 2012 12:00pm PDT
brown live in indianapolis. many democrats in indiana tried to help this tea party backed candidate win, the suggestion being moderates are never going do vote for this tea party backed candidate so the democrat would have a better shot. >>reporter: that is the conventional wisdom. it is based on the lugar model. he had tremendous appeal among democrats and independents. and this was confirmed by internal polling shared with fox news from the indiana democratic party back in january. in that poll it showed that more democrats were interested in another term for lugar, a 7th term than republicans. independents were even more interested. so, what democrats were hoping for and working at is trying to keep democrats out of the open republican party on lugar's behalf and their standard bearer, and 50,000 folks in indianapolis were asked to participate in the democratic primary not the republican. >>shepard: how much, how did this tea party backed candidate react? >>reporter: i asked him. he said he was not surprised and this is how he sizes up the race. >> this matchup is going to be a conse
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)